Short description of the artist’s work

From the perspective that the human-being was created from the energy field of creation itself and is therefor part of the mystery of life, the humen being unites everything essential in him or herself to be creative.
In her artistic work the painter Sylvia Sigusch immerses herself in this inner natural resource.

Her teacher is the presence that teaches her to trust. The artist lives with her „free hand“ that expresses her passion and her soul’s substance. Consumed by creative urge, she searches the experience of being-one and closeness.

For her, being close to the mystery means being present, free of imaginations and introjections how art should be. Her intention is to be non-conform, to stay open and to use a minimum of techniques to freely explore her own artistic expression step by step. Her partly large-format paintings are answers to her adventurous questions about the Self and the mystery of life.

By creating sculptures in the middle of nature Sylvia Sigusch finds a direct mirror for the beauty of transformation because her works consist of clay that transform under the influence of wind and weather already during the process of creation. Time, art and nature become one. more