Sylvia Sigusch: Artistic Concept


As a free artist and psychologist I am interested in the human-being, his life and creative work. In my studies of creative communication I learn about earth-life and being human. I study the waters of the human-being — his emotions and his passions — and that which makes them flow or leaves them stagnant. Humans are different about what moves them and where there emotions flow to. Therefor one writes, the other creates sculptures, the third one sings and so on. I chose to paint and build sculpture out of clay. At that I discovered that the creative power lives within me and that it works independently when I let it. My main task is to dissolve all obstacles in the form of prejudices, judgements and claims to clear the way for this creative power within to express itself.

The free spirit Joseph Beuys said that every human-being was an artist and urged to „use the secrets productively“. He made the question of creativity a question of the inner powers of humans. With this point of view I feel trusted and connected because it essentially describes what I have discovered myself within my long years of studying creative communication.

The driving force to want to paint is her own „idea“ of how she wants to express herself. I serve her by giving a free hand. In this way I experience how she transforms the themes, questions and emotions that dance within me, into landscapes of forms.

So written, it sounds like this power would have a life of its own, as if she was a autonomous part within myself. She is independent from my will and at the same time, seemingly connected to all the deep within me that is yet unknown me. Meanwhile I trust her completely. I know that she knows. She gives me security. She is free of all vanities. She is „unspoiled“, simply clear, pure and free. She is who she is. She is a fantastic model for me how I want to be as a human-being and as a woman. True. Honest. Loving. Creative. Free.

In this sense I am a self-taught woman. „Autodidaktos“ - teaching own’s self. I have strengthened and trained this powerful human art within my studies of creative communication for which I also gave up many things. Besides others, I gave away the need to know everything, to be able to do everything or to have everything under control. I learn to get out of my way again and again to make space for this free strong inner power.

Every day I practice to be in progress with life. Panta rhei — everything flows. This stream takes it very own way. Like this I understand myself and my life. Sometimes the direction of the flow changes, the speed of flow changes constantly, and my own flow of life is just a tiny part of the big flow of life on earth. What an experience — if man or woman can let this happen.

While painting in the state of openness it is important to follow that flow without already knowing where it will lead to. With the brush this power paves its way. Once I try to control it or think that I know where this is going I lose the rhythm.

Orientation in space is also different, in the perspective of the inner power different laws reign. It becomes visible through the possibility to look at all my paintings from different perspectives and in each one the point of view reveals new realities, land scapes and powers.

When obstacles occur I have various possibilities to go about it: I can move around them, I can step over them or I can even dissolve them completely if possible. It depends on the consistency or the nature of these obstacles.

The world loses a lot of power within the single human-being because of too much inner censorship or outer judgements. The imagination of how a work should look like can be helpful but can also block the process. If it doesn't look like I wanted it, the critical inner voices start to raise and block the flow.
It is so important for me not to create for the acceptance of art critiques but for my deep trust in my inner power and my authentic expression of myself.

In this way I can allow myself more and more to let my free free and my inner power paint freely. My passion can flow into my paintings. My body consciousness paints at its own pace. Within this slow and exciting process I increasingly feel the power growing in me and becoming stronger in a very natural way. Since I am painting, my life has become more interesting, more beautiful and free. I have found a way to trust my inner power and therefor, I am on the trail of life's mystery.